How would you like to resolve your legal issues?

You have a choicE: Litigate, Collaborate, or Mediate.


Angie Buchanan, Esq. is a licensed attorney in both Colorado and New Mexico.

I have been a mediator, attorney, and collaborative divorce facilitator for many years. I have a wealth of knowledge on how to assist you and your family in coming to a resolution without the need for the lengthy court battle. Alternative dispute resolution is a civil approach to ending your disagreement. Let me help you keep you and your kids out of court!



I offer mediation for all types of disputes, including divorces, child custody, parenting time modifications, and more.  I also assist people through the Collaborative Divorce process by acting as the Collaborative Divorce Facilitator. I offer representation and mediation in Southwest Colorado, the Western Slope, and Northern New Mexico.

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What Is Mediation?

You do not always need a court hearing or trial to solve your dispute. Mediation is a process in which I act as a neutral third party to guide you and the other party toward an agreed resolution. I have been a mediator for fourteen years, and have completed approximately 600 mediations. My goal is always to help you reach a resolution without a hearing. Recently a new mediation guide was released and I strive for the most professional, ethical quality for your case.

What is Collaborative Law?

The Collaborative Law process is vastly different from the usual model of litigation in Court actions. With Collaborative Law, you are represented by an attorney, and a Collaborative Facilitator guides you toward a resolution with a series of meetings, each of which have a specific topic. 



My Practice

Located in beautiful Durango, Colorado, I offer mediation and collaborative family law services. I work in Southwest Colorado, the West Slope of Colorado, and Northern New Mexico.


Angie helps you take the stress out of your family law issue. Let her help you reach an agreed resolution.


Angie Buchanan, Esq.

As a highly trained and experienced attorney and mediator, Angie has the skills necessary to guide people to agreeable resolutions, saving the stress of the Court process.