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Collaborative law is not a new concept. It is practiced all over the world, and now it is available in Durango and on the Western Slope of Colorado.

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What is collaborative law?

The idea began with Stuart Webb, when he wrote a letter to the Minnesota Supreme Court. He asked whether divorce needed to be so contentious. This letter began a movement, and Collaborative Law became a new way to practice family law; a paradigm shift. Families get needs met with legal advice, but it is not litigious.


Absolutely. Both states have collaborative groups who practice in this way. If your case has already been filed, the court has a notification form to provide to the judge. At that point, the judge knows you are going through the collaborative process and requests occasional updates, until the matter is ultimately settled out of court. The court then adopts the collaborative agreements as court orders.

what is the process?

When parties contact anyone on the local collaborative team, your case will be reviewed by an attorney, who will determine whether collaborative law is right for you and your family. Then attorneys determine what the issues are, who the best facilitator would be in your case, and whether other neutrals should be brought onboard. This process is to ensure that your divorce begins on your own terms, with much less hostility for you and your children, with realistic plans for the future.

WHO IS MY Collaborative TEAM?

Your collaborative team includes attorneys, therapists, child specialists, facilitators, financial planners, and an arbitrator. All members of the Durango collaborative law group have been trained and will assist you with your case. We serve all jurisdictions on the Western Slope of Colorado.

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Your local team, top row left to right:

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  • Sam Conti

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