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Mediation services are $200/hour.

Collaborative Facilitator Services at $150/hour.

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Collaborative facilitator

$150/hour — I can facilitate your divorce or family law matter through the family law collaborative process. This amount is split between the parties involved in the case. 


$200/hour — I offer mediation services in many types of matters. This cost is split between the parties, making me one of the most affordable options in the surrounding area!

Unlike many mediators, I do not charge for phone calls or emails! I am a facilitator, not a counselor.

$250 flat fee — Child Support Mediations.

$15/hour — I am also a Colorado Office of Dispute Resolution mediator. ODR determines if you qualify, and if you do, you receive a greatly reduced rate. However, ODR does not qualify parties as state pay if you have retained an attorney. To see if you might qualify, contact the Office of Dispute Resolution.

collaborative Representation

$200/hour — I am a highly trained attorney and can also act as an attorney in your collaborative family law case. 


$200 — If you are seeking legal advice on a family law or foster care matter, I can give that advice. I typically spend two to three hours in consultations.

restorative justice

Restorative conference $100/person — This involves seeking accountability, identifying harm, repairing harm, and creating a self-contract. I provide these for both the district attorney’s office and the hospital.

Victim-offender dialogue $250 — In the criminal justice system, there is a sentence but no closure. In some cases, parties wish to meet to talk about the impacts of a crime. I facilitate these discussions.

Youth services — I provide restorative justice as needed for La Plata Youth Services, to assist at risk youth.

Representation in Family law

$200/hour, payment plans available — If you’re seeking representation in a family law matter, such as custody, divorce, child support, changes in parenting time, guardianship, adoption, foster care placement, or paternity, I can assist you in getting what’s best for the child.


Case by case basis — Sometimes an older adult or a child needs a guardian or conservator to ensure their best interests are met. This is a service I offer on sliding scale fee.

access to justice

I am committed to providing low or no cost services when Colorado Legal Services or the Women’s Resource Center send me referrals.