Happy Clients


Angie has the unique ability of balancing the professional and personal--she knows what she is doing and what is best for people, while at the same time she allows people be in control of themselves.

I've worked with Angie on a variety of projects, and she's very good at using her skills in different situations. She knows when to be a lawyer, when to be a mediator, when to be a negotiator, and when to be a facilitator.

— Erik

Angie is a compassionate, patient, knowledgable attorney who has years of training in family law and childhood trauma. This experience and training helps her get people to an agreed result. She has a high level of skills and ability to be down-t0-earth with people at the same time.

— rachel

Angie served as mediator for a number of cases I was involved in as counsel. Angie is an exceptional mediator and has had a very high success rate with getting the cases resolved at mediation. She is both compassionate and persuasive. My clients have reported being pleased with how well she listened to them and truly cared about the ultimate outcome of the case. Angie is a pleasure to work with. She is very smart and professional. I would highly recommend her as mediator, or counsel in a family law matter.

— nicole

Angie Buchanan is a competent and knowledgeable litigator and mediator.  I would not hesitate to hire Angie for mediation.  She is a valued colleague of mine who I believe has the best interests of her clients, regardless of age, in mind.

- jill

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